Trio Kelavala: Murder ballads

Wednesday 27th June 2018 07:00 pm
20 € / 16 €

Murders have always been the subject of morbid curiosity. Even in kalevalan times there were colourful songs about Lieto Lemminkäinen chopping the Lord of Pohjola’s head off with his sword.

For hundreds of years, murders both real and imaginary have been the subject of songs, the victims ranging from hired hands to emperors, infants to valiant warriors, lovers to enemies… Sometimes the terror of death has been dressed in the verses of laments, sometimes in inventive rhymes. Sometimes the songs have been sold in the tens of thousands, sometimes they’ve been very personal and on the mercy of memories. They’ve been sung about in both admiring and abhorrent tones. The murder’s intrigue might be in the finality of it. Singing about it makes the terror step aside for a moment. I sing, therefore I live.

Kelavala is an unique group of performative art. Of it’s members, Reijo Kela (dance) has become reknown for his imaginative, unique performances, Heikki Laitinen (voice) is a pioneer of novel voice-expression, and Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion) tours every continent, playing solo concerts and carrying out the most way-out productions.

They’ve been a trio for almost 30 years now. The trio doesn’t have any separate dancers nor accompanying musicians; it’s comprised of three independent artists. By combining improvised music and dancing, the trio has performed hundred’s of unique, one-off shows, their length ranging from a couple of minutes to twelve hours.


  • Heikki Laitinen: vocal, voice
  • Kimmo Pohjonen: accordion
  • Reijo Kela: dance