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Sommelo 28.06. - 02.07.2017

Welcome to Sommelo! The information of the courses you can find below, the programme in English will be updated during the spring.

Sommelon Vienan matkan ohjelma julkistettu

Musiikkijuhla Sommelon perinteinen konserttimatka Vienan Karjalaan suuntautuu tänä vuonna suomalais-ugrilaisen maailman kulttuuripääkaupunkiin, Vuokkiniemelle, joka jo 1820-luvulla nimettiin runolaulun kotipesäksi. Ohjelma Vuokkiniemellä sisältää monipuolisesti konsertteja kylän keskustassa Ontsin talolla, Vuokkiniemen koululla, Vuokkiniemi-talolla, sekä legendaarisessa Lietosaaressa. 

Kuva: Julia Filippova vieraineen lähdössä takana näkyvään Lietosaareen Kuva: Julia Filippova vieraineen lähdössä takana näkyvään Lietosaareen.(cJulia Filippova)

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Sommelo courses 2017

Welcome to the Sommelo courses! The enrolment to the courses on the web page will start on April, but you can also enrol already by sending an e-mail to Emmi Kuittinen: . If you have anything to ask, please don't hesitate to contact Emmi! You can accomodate at the Kontio school next to the course places (10 € per night) and by meals (five days 80 €, also single meals possible). The enrolment ends on May 31st.

10th International Kantele Course
June 26st till 30th
In summer of 2017 Sommelo International Kantele Course will be arranged for the 10th time and will also be celebration course of Kantele Association. Event will bring together players from various different continents which promises jubilee of different playing styles and cultures. Top Finnish Kantele players such as Vilma Timonen, Anu Alviola and Ulla-Sisko Jauhiainen  will be teaching at the course.
Daily program of Sommelo Internation Kantele Course includes 45 minute private lessons, small group, Kantele workshops with themes choosen by teachers and The Great Kantele Ensemble consisting all participants of the course.
Course is open for all Kantele players no matter about age or skill level. In this course students are able to strengthen their skills and learn new while being guided by experienced teachers. Great thing about this course is that it’s not only high quality but also international as participants come all over the world.
Couse prise:
150 € / per person. Prise includes axess to all the Sommelo program. In addition you can buy accommodation in school (10 € / per night ) and meals for five days (80 €). Hotel and hostel accommodations are also possible.

Lament course
June 29th and June 30th
Two days long lament course includes learning to know traditional keen as well as teaches course students to create keen of their own. Students create their own keen subjects of the keens can be example something personal or some global subject that touches variety of people. At the end of the course students have a possibility to perform.
Teacher of the course is Liisa Matveinen.
Prise of the course is 120 € and it includes axess to all festival program in Kuhmo.

Folk singing course
June 29th - July 1st
In this course we explore the many kinds of Finnish folk songs, including runosong, polska, rekilaulu, ballad, waltz song and viisu. You get taught different kinds of folk vocal techniques by folk music multi-talent and Doctor of Music Ilona Korhonen.
You can learn more about Ilona here:
Prise of the course is 130 € and it includes axess to all festival program in Kuhmo.

June 27th - July 1st
The Näppäri-course is an ensemble playing course for children and youths, led by Mauno Järvelä and his skilled teaching assistants. The Näppäri-course offers a unique possibility for children and youths to develop their ensemble playing skills and experience the thrills of playing in a fun, care-free way. Players of nearly any instrument are welcome, regardless of skill level. At the end of the course all the participants get to perform together in the traditional Näppäri concert.
Prices and rehearsal times:
Half-a-day, (4-7 year olds) rehearsals from 9am to 12pm 
Full day, (7-18 year olds) rehearsals from 9am to 4pm
Price includes course attendance and access to concerts during the course.
If you need to rent an instrument for the course, the rent-fee is 5 € / day.

June 29th 2 - 4 pm
In the runosong-workshop you will learn about the Baltic-Finnish runosong-tradition by means of fun singing drills. Everybody will learn to sing runosongs and learn about the cultural meanings of runosong. In the midst of runosinging, you will also learn about the history and meaning of runosong to Finnish and Baltic-Finnish people. The workshop suits to all adults and youths interested in runosong. The teacher of this workshop is folk singer Taito Hoffrén.
25 € (only the workshop)
50 € (workshop + all the events at Sommelo on June 29th)

Sommelo Ethno Music Festival Winter Concert

Sommelo Ethno Music Festival winter concert will feature performance by Rajamailla Duo consisting Emmi Kuittinen (vocals) and Suvi Tuominen (dance, choreography).

The performance is based on lamentations. Emmi Kuittinen has specialised to lamentations and Tuominen oriental dance. Lamentations are a universal way of handling sorrows that unite people regardless of their nationality. Eventually love and hope rise over the sorrow.

Emmi Kuittinen, vocals, narration, accordion
Suvi Tuominen, dance, choreography

Concert in Kuhmo Arts Centre on January 6th, 2017 at 6 pm

Tickets 16 / 10 €

Tutustu Sommelon 2017 Ohjelmaan

Konserttimatka Vuokkiniemeen

Juoksujalkaa Sommelon kursseille!


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